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I recall having reboot problems a good while back - the PC just wouldn't
fire up unless I hit the reset button several times. The problem in that
case was a failing hard drive.


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I'll need to do a re install but, at the moment, I'm reluctant to risk
shutting this machine down. It took about an hour to re boot, last time. I'm
pretty sure the Mobo is throwing a wobbly. It's latest trick is to
stop identifyiny the 4 GoFlight units on one of my powered USB 1 hubs.
Pull the plug and put it back again and sometimes it recognises it,
sometimes it doesn't.

Gerry Winskill

franklyn fisher wrote:

> Gerry
> How about a complete wipeout and reinstall.
> With all the installations and uninstallations and problems you have
> been having lately, it seems to be your only option.
> It might be drastic, but the quickest way to go.
> Frank F

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