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  • From: Kev Townsend <175@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 11:29:29 +0100


It would appear that the graphics chipset is on the motherboard, and only has 16Mb of memory. As to whether you could install a better board in one of the slots, I imagine you could but expect to pay £300 for a competent board, likely to be superceded next summer by DX10 capable ones !

Excerpt from the "firingsquad website"

On the graphics side, the RADEON XPRESS 200 is powered by a cost-reduced derivative of ATI?s RADEON X300 VPU; this gives the chipset native DirectX 9 graphics capability. The IGP sports two pixel pipelines versus the four-pipeline configuration found in RADEON X300, and runs at up to 350MHz. As an added performance option, ATI has integrated 16MB of memory for the graphics core on the reference motherboard itself; you can still use local system RAM as well, but with a performance penalty. For the best integrated performance, motherboard manufacturers can incorporate up to 128MB of dedicated frame buffer memory, but this will obviously come with a huge increase in price.

See here for more details <http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/ati_radeon_xpress_200/page2.asp>

Kev T

At 10:53 10/13/2006, you wrote:
Gerry's new PC problems got me going, thinking it was time I replaced my very unreliable No. 2 PC. I've just been
offered this unit


at a silly price.

Question to the team is - is this going to be man enough to run FSX for about a year or maybe two until No.1 machine
comes round for upgrade/re[placement? My plan is to play with FSX, but keep FS9 for serious simming for a while. making
a gradual transition. the graphics card APPEARS to be PCI Express and able to swap memory with the main memory system
up to 256Mb, or have I read it wrong? (Bearing in mind the Flightsim.com articles by Andrew Herd about graphics load).

For those on tight budgets, or, as the Scots say "near" with their cash, this guy has some very good bargains rom time
to time. OK they are "off the shelf" units, not bespoke, but they are only days old when he gets them, and he sells 'em
at about half price. I bought my No. 1 PC from him, an HP1180 with 2 160Gb HDs, one removeable, and Windows XP Media
Centre installed at a similar half price deal, and it has been rock solid. (Dunno where he gets ';em from - bankrupt
I can post a contact if anyone is interested - not wanting to advertise, you understand - and I'm not on commission by
the way <g>


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