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Xp will allow you to set up a partion, I think, have not done it myself.

You can do that from the initail install of XP. or from the disk management tools.

But it will not allow you to change them once done.

Partition Magic is the only tool I use, far more extensive that the XP tools. But saying that I believe you can download Gparted (a linux partition tool that is similar).

In fact I believe that if you do a Linux install, running Gparted to set up the partitions, then close down the Linux install, you will have much the same effect, Mike will know this better than I.

I have been lead to understand, that I will not be able to use Partition Magic with Vista. Back to the drawing board.

Frank F

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You should be able to do that in XP using the Admin Tools, Computer


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XP Home, again.

Next question, 'cos I've lost the last answer. I've got two SATA drives;
C: and D:  I want to partition them but have lost the plot. Not fit to
be let out!

Gerry Winskill

Peter Dodds wrote:
MS Vista by any chance?


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The new PC, replacement for this one, arrived at lunch time.
I started with a clanger, by squashing it into the remaining space
next to the other two. Then, when I came to boot up, needed the 25
digit Windows XP code.....which, naturally, was stuck to the back
of the machine. So, everything disconnected and machine pulled, so
I could read the code, etc, etc.

Anyway, with it finally running, I decided to partition the two
SATA drives, before copying material from this one, that I'd
already copied to my external LaCie SATA drive.
Only, I can't. When I opt for Manage, then Disk Management, it
tells me I'm not authorised to access it.

I knew this wasn't going to be painless. Fortunately it's only a
couple of minutes work to reinstate the wiring to this, old,
workhorse, so that I can send out a Mayday!

Gerry Winskill


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