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  • Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2009 14:26:16 +0100

I've just run it on this, my internet machine. First run on the C drive only produced 37% optimisation, so I did a second run, on the same drive. That took 24 minutes and it now shows 89.7% optimisation.

Gerry Winskill

Kev Townsend wrote:
I have run all my drives through it, with varying success.
The Windows drive (Normally C:) has been drastically improved on both machines. The new FS machine which has a Tb in Raid 0 configuration took 2 passes and around 2 hours to complete. I first ran the "fast" mode, principally to defrag the files, and then again in "thorough mode" with the size option unchecked. This took a further hour or so, but brought the "Optimization Level" up into the green at 99.55.
This has definitely improved my FS load and performance.

On completion of the FS \C: drive, I guess there are 75 - 80% of blue files at the top of the legend, which I presume represents the fast part of the disc. The remainder are in the centre of the legend and are multi-coloured, I imagine these are the non moveable windows files that are in use. It seems strange to me that a "New" installation of Windows by default, fragments files into the centre section of the master drive
Anyone discovered how to get the "Boot time defrag" operational?

However on this old machine the three other Data storage only drives the "Optimization Level" remains relatively low.

I am currently running it in thorough mode (in the background) on a 30Gb partition with 4.5Gb free space (F: drive). It has been running for 40 minutes is 39% finished with the Optimization Level still red at 0.0
I wonder if this is based on exe files and time-stamps?
I guess I am a little "OCD" as I love watching the red blocks compacting and turning blue.

The blurb says continue until the "O L" reads over 95.0

Just looking again at the Defragger, its at 42% after 54 minutes, so that's 3% in 14 minutes, At this speed the drive will take in total 7.5 hours, but remember this machine has only a 450Mb processor and its currently running In the background.

I agree with Gerry and this small purchase is definitely on the cards.....

Kev T

At 19:33 4/7/2009, you wrote:
The 2nd pass still leaves me with lots of red, and it took 4.5 hours.

Is there something I missed?

Frank T.

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Hi Kevin,

I thought I'd give it a try as it cost nothing. I left the first defrag
running on my e-mail machine when I went to work this morning, when I popped in on my way to the gym this evening it had finished, but only about half the display was blue, with the other half mostly red. I started it again, so
far its been going another 2.5 hours, hardly the less than 10 minutes

When it finishes this time I'll let you know how much red still survives - I would have thought that if it does what is says on the tin, there should be
little red left - is that what you get?

Frank T.

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