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I might be reading it wrong, but I don't think it's that expensive.

100 credits = 10 euros = £6 (approx)

20 credits = 1 cycle of data (all versions of the data are covered by one 20 credit payment) = 2 euros = £1.20

How many cycles are there per year (14/15)? This would work out at approx £17 - £18 per year.

Or have I got my sums all wrong ;-)


Bones wrote:
Even so it still means forking out 15 quid a month for the data and that comes to 180 quid yearly.
It is getting a bit daft when simmers are paying the same price that is being charged to real world users - this data also being fed into real world simulators. For 180 pounds you can get a lot of data for your money. For example
http://www.transair.co.uk/product4.asp?SID=2&Product_ID=829 <http://www.transair.co.uk/product4.asp?SID=2&Product_ID=829>
http://www.transair.co.uk/product4.asp?SID=2&Product_ID=6030 <http://www.transair.co.uk/product4.asp?SID=2&Product_ID=6030>
That's the whole UK IFR data, updated for 12 months and only for 158 pounds. Few people would actually get this stuff so they'll never be aware that the data is affordable compared to what they are paying out for FS products.

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I was under the impression that you could spend the 20 credits and
get all of the downloads for no extra cost?
Maybe I picked it up wrong,

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        Hi Guys,

        Yesterday the new AIRAC's in the new format were released. Now
        being distributed by NaviGraph.com. You need a different set for
        each different product, or manufacturer, that you own.
        Categories are:

        Aviograsf (A340)
        LevelD & PMDG (Both lines & All products in one package)

        Its a bit sneaky as it doesnt really tell you clearly how much
        they are, you are charged credits. 200 Credits are 20 Euros.
        Each Cycle is 20 credits so it is about £15 for the full set.

        Going to get expensive isn't it!

        The amusing this is that it was brought out less than 12 hours
        ago (Cycle 06/10) and it was put up on a popular USENET site 7
        hours ago ;)


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