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  • Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 19:18:15 +0100


You really going to run all those PC's at once mate?! couldn't you do with a few less monitors and use a KVM switch to change it between the active machines?


Mr Winskill wrote:
I must have been mad, listening to the enthusiasm for networks, displayed on this list. The problems aren't, I'm now finding, exclusively technical. No-one mentioned the physical side of it. The bl...y machine hasn't arrived yet and, already, I'm a physical wreck.

 When first I fell into the trap I was thinking of the technical benefits from having just FS9 running, on one machine. Then it dawned I'd have to have a monitor, mouse and keyboard for each of the desktop machines. SWMBO thought she was miss hearing me. "Does that mean you'll have six monitors?". When put that way it does seem slightly over the top!

 Early on I'd discounted the idea of moving to a bigger house, so a bit of imagination was called for, in working out how I could get another setup into a room that isn't really big enough for the one that's already there. The only place the PC can sit is in the knee well of my desk. But that already has a waste paper basket and a SubWoofer! I'll just have to stop wasting paper. Hope no-one thinks I've turned green.

 The sixth monitor can live on the desk top. As well as email and other mundane jobs, it'll be displaying Servinfo during MP sessions. In winter I won't need any heat on. In summer.....I don't think I'll look that far ahead.

 At that point it struck me I'll need at least three additional power points, so I had to nip out, to buy a couple of sixpack extension blocks. Since I'm already taking about 5 MegaWatts from the plug in this room, I waited 'til SWMBO had nipped out to the shops, then drilled a hole through the wall in my room, then through the sidewall of the fitted wardrobe on her side. It's so full of clothes that she'll never notice. I've often wondered why the house was built with a power plug in the wardrobe. Perhaps the original owner was into FS5?

 SWMBO's off to Madrid for a few days, to see number two daughter. Perhaps I could put one monitor in her wardrobe, just to reduce the wiring.

 I'll give up, for today; it's in danger of taking over.

Gerry Winskill

NOCC, http://nocc.sourceforge.net


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