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Arggghh. It must have captured the link rather than the image URL. Just
tried again and it did the same thing. Hang on..

http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/jhb/Repaints/PMDG737.jpg is the correct
link but if you don't trust it <g> just go to the JHB Aircraft page where I
have been updating some of the pictures.

(with only three hours of freedom left)


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Err...the download seems to be replacement textures for the pmdg 737. Gerry
Winskill gwinsk@xxxxxxx

Bones wrote:

>I don't know if it is me or not but I took a trip over to Holland today
>when testing an aircraft. The photo scenery looked very good indeed (at
>first) but then I saw something odd. Town edges were a bit too straight
>lined and woods and other objects to well defined.
>A closer look at Rotterdam revealed that the city was wrapped in
>repetitive bitmaps and the sharp city edges chopped this off mid street
>or even mid house. The truth slowly dawned that all I am looking at is
>very well made landclass scenery, not photo mapping like in the UK. I
>eventually ran across a true photo texture just north of EHRD but it
>was poor quality and I had to almost on top of it before it would show.
>The edge of this photo texture didn't blend into the surrounding
>landclass at all well.
>The landclass is extremely well made and it is very detailed - probably
>the best I have seen. However, although good it does have a slightly
>artificial air to it and you feel you are looking at a synthetic
>landscape - I think it's the sharp edges for cities, coastlines and
>woods that create this impression. True that the landclass is photo
>textured BUT it isn't true photo mapping as has been done in the UK.
>I've taken a screenshot of the scenery at
>http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/04fs/download/JHB%20PMDG737.zip .
>The photo texture is to the left of the picture (under that aircraft
>nose) and the landclass starts abeam the rear of the engine pod.
>For the huge number of bitmaps loaded I would have thought more areas
>would have been photo textured. However, if that had been the case it
>would have been pointless to have created such detailed landclass.
>Anyone else find the same of is my setup?

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