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I might have to drop Grant an email to let you in as the forum is restricted
to the names I gave him. Let me know if you can access the forum area and
whether the JHB Beta Testers section is available for you to peruse.


There have been several software changes since the forum started so DO NOT
download the software mentioned in the first post by Stefan. The only file
you will need from the original post is the JHB Airlines RAR file for
additional aircraft.

The current controller software is PCC 5.03 and this plus the Section files
can be found in this thread.
https://www.pilot-club.com/board/showthread.php?tid=16  As Frank says do not
download Section 9 as it is faulty and will hang your system.

The current  Pilot module is PCF 4.02 -


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Mike L

Mr Winskill wrote:
> Could you give me the Shop link, please. Still on empty lap top.#
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