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My reaction was the same as your own; how was it going to achieve stabillity in either pitch or yaw? I too was looking for signs that the ducted fan was moveable but couldn't see any. I'd assumed it might be French because something like that couldn't, I assume, even be tested under CAA despotism. Next reaction is the very good quality of finish on what I assume is a GRP aircraft. With that gull wing too.

I'd be interested to hear anything you can ferret out.

BTW, SWMBO wasn't impressed by yesterday's BA Connect aircraft, from Madrid to Manchester. It was an ERJ145. We've gone into past ecstacies over its integrated panel etc but I've never thought about the interior. She said it was more cramped than the J41, with one seat one side and two the other. Chuck onto that a couple of AAI reports that I've read, where the crew have had narrow escapes after auto elevator trim running away, and it doesn't seem it would be my first choice as a passenger either.
From the outside I still think it looks great!

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Ah.. That thing..

Weird innit. No tail surfaces at all. Forget it's name (Puffin maybe?) but
it was built locally - up north somewhere. I don't think it ever flew and
have never worked out how it was controlled in pitch. Maybe there were vanes
in the shrouded rear prop but that would have been very close to the C/G and
very sensitive.

I'll try and get some details.


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To our almost Ronaldsway spotter.
Having returned from collecting SWMBO from Ronaldsway, I've remembered,
this time, to ask a question.

What's the micro, microlight, suspended over the arrivals corridor? It looks
small enough to be of French origin.  Looks like a BMW Issetta,
with a hair dryer fastened to the back.

Gerry Winskill

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