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Ah.. That thing..

Weird innit. No tail surfaces at all. Forget it's name (Puffin maybe?) but
it was built locally - up north somewhere. I don't think it ever flew and
have never worked out how it was controlled in pitch. Maybe there were vanes
in the shrouded rear prop but that would have been very close to the C/G and
very sensitive.

I'll try and get some details.


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To our almost Ronaldsway spotter.
Having returned from collecting SWMBO from Ronaldsway, I've remembered,
this time, to ask a question.

What's the micro, microlight, suspended over the arrivals corridor? It looks
small enough to be of French origin.  Looks like a BMW Issetta,
with a hair dryer fastened to the back.

Gerry Winskill

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