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I was not aware that FSX can use multicore, this is good news.

Expect queries from me regarding the tweak, when I eventually do my upgrade.

The way this redecoration is going, it could be another couple of months,arrrrgh.

And then we will be in FSXI

Frank F

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The expert clearly is self appointed!

Why? Good question, unless it's application specific.

I use a tweak, involving a line in FSX.cfg, that allows the number of cores that FSX can address to be controlled. Depening on the value entered it can be 1, 2, 3 or 4. Mine is restricted to 3 and it has definitely improved performance. FSX can now use three cores but only three. That leaves the fourth core for other progs to use. One infidel said he only runs FSX. He may do but there are lots of background progs beyond our control. I'm assuming that the fourth, on my setup, is used by Active Sky, IVAO (?), fsc ETC.


F FISHER wrote:
I buy, about once a month, the weekly Micro Mart.

A recent articale asked of the resident 'experts'

How do I disable one of my multicores in WinXP.

The answer was, that it can be done in Vista, but not in WinXP.

The next week, the 'expert' had to eat humblepie.


For Vista

Goto Start/Run, and type msconfig, enter

In the dialog box, click on the 'Boot' tab, then advanced options.

You will see an option labelled'Number of Processors', you can then select '1'

For WinXP

Virtually the same.

Except click on 'Boot.ini' then on 'Advanced'

An entry '/NUMPROC' will popup, then select from the dropdown menu..

The option is in my WinXP setup.

The 'expert' freely admits missing this.

Why you would want to reduce your multicore, I do not know, but the amount of software that would use it, is very small, could be to accentuate compatiability??

Frank F

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