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It depends if you can get a picture of yourself on the computer.

It's easy enough with digital cameras these days but for any ordinary
photo's the only way to do it is with a scanner. That is what I may have to
do because there are no decent digital shots of me.

If you find a good photo have you got anyone who could scan it for you? Once
on a PC as a JPG file this can be sent to me as an email attachment.


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Rogues gallery of JHB team.What a super idea.Bones mugshots look super.But
how ? (for a non tech PC player) !!!
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>I like the idea of a "rogues' gallery" of the JHB team.  We have pics
>the aircraft after all - why not the pilots too?  It would be good to put
>faces to names and see if they fit the mental pictures we undoubtedly have
>of our fellow pilots.  Bones could even run a competition to match names to

>faces ....
> The UK Scenery list has  one or two group pics from various
> get-togethers
> (eg Birmingham FS Show), and it's the next best thing to meeting what are
> otherwise just voices over the RT (although I have had the pleasure of
> meeting a few of the UK Scenery group).
> Mike L
> Alastair wrote:
>> Bones
>> What do you think of the idea of making up a portfolio of the JHB
>> pilots
>> , with JHB call sign , any comments and space for a small 'passport size
>> photo'.
>> Just so that when we are flying on-line we could put a 'face' to a
>> name/call sign.
>> Is there any existing software that could do this, Microsoft Word,
>> for
>> example, or a page on your Website.
>> Just an idea for 2006
>> Cheers
>> Alastair

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