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Thanks re clouds. I'll look at the options.

My PC seems to ageing. Is it possible that slot connectors become more oxidised over the years? Last night I solved my mike, headphone problem, by extracting and replacing the jacks. That also increased my speaker volume.
One of the noticeable changes is just the time it takes for an email to be sent, or erased. I can't see the prog changing but the hardware could be suffering.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

For the evening hop from Liverpool to Manchester I was getting frame rates
of 2 but it's a glitch I seem to get from time to time. Turning off
Transform and Lighting got rid of the problem but I never had FPS much above
13. I'm suspecting the Parhelia can no longer cope with everything I've
loaded into FS2004.

You may have to read the ASv6 manual as I recall they used to offer a less
memory hungry cloud set (8bit?). I think the default textures are 32bit and
these can demand a lot of work from the system.


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I could see yoy, for about an hour, on the Servinfo map. No sign at any time, through the windows, yet I saw Tom's F100, quite clearly, on the ground at Dublin. Mind, I was flying in real time and with ASv6 weather, so it was pitch black and with almost unbroken cloud below. John mentioned you were a couple of hundred feet below me but you weren't showing on TCAS; then I remembered it only picks up AI traffic. Hope my descent for Dublin didn't take you by surprise but you were'nt on JHB_OPS, so I couldn't warn you. I guess these ATC types are safer on the ground!

My framerates were only about 18 fps, all the way over. Approaching
Dublin they fell to around 4. I suspect the AS clouds. Is there a less
framerate AS cloud variant that is still visually OK?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

I was going to post these on the Pilot Club forum but I'd better not
now that Timo has asked me not to distribute the JHB AI aircraft. As I
have already done so can I ask everyone not to select any of my
repaints in the Flight Plan box over the next few days..

Anyway - here are three shots I took today when FS2004 was behaving
itself. I was "escorting" JHB068 in a Swiss Hunter (lovely aircraft) as
you can see here.


I'd not appreciated how close you had to get to other aircraft before
the model appears - in this case I was down to 2nm before it popped up
on screen. As Gerry descended into Dublin I carried on for Manchester-


and finally saw him many thousands of feet below. See if you can spot
him in this shot-


The Hunter is very nice to fly but it isn't good for PCF sessions as it
only has a height hold on the autopilot - there isn't an altitude


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