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One thing I have found on my system is that ActiveSky tries to log onto
www.hifisim.com for an update check. It doesn't do this when I start the
program but every time I reboot the computer - so it's part of the WinXP
start up procedure (although not in the Run section of the Registry).

Normally this isn't a problem and you don't even see it. If you have other
boot up problems then ActiveSky can throw up warning boxes just as you have


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When, if, I've managed to boot up this barely useable system, the first
thing I do is to fire up HWDoctor, so that I can keep ane eye on CPU
temperature. Only it isn't as simple as that. I have to keep cancelling
popups, as they arrive in sequence, before HWDoctor launches. The popups
are all part of an attempt to install the alrady installed Active Sky. How,
short of ethereal intervention, can Active Sky installation be
triggered by a quite separate programme?

Gerry Winskill

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