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when I was on the Beatrice alpha one day I took a radio call from an
aircraft which turned out to be a hunter asking permission to take some
photos when he explained what he wanted to do we turned off our uv detectors
then gave him the go ahead .buccaneer and a phantom did low leave passes at
cellar deck level which was 70 feet with the hunter further out filming on
the last pass the phantom put on his after burners and made the other two
look to be standing still.we used to get a lot of traffic from nimrods
working in I think db7 we would stand traffic watch for them .one Christmas
eve one came out and when he was about to leave asked if we would like a
little show .he came in at wave top height and when opposite the rig put
every thing on and climbed straight up what a noise and what a sight
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> Don't remind me. My scribblings at school would invariably include lots of
> side views of Hunters in various markings. It was a most aesthetic
> to look at and I still think it was the epitome of craftman's skill.
> If you find a decent diecast model let me know..
> bones
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> > Looking, just, at the recently downloaded Dave Garwood Hunter
> > video, brought on a
> > bout of nostalgia.
> > During National Service, when we regularly were visited by
> > Hunters, I made a Revell
> > model. It pleased the eye and, with occasional re glueing,
> > lasted many years. It didn't,
> > apparently, survive one of our house moves.
> >  A couple of years ago, I bought a Franklin Mint model of the
> > E Type.  At 7" long, it's a
> > decent size for detail. It wasn't cheap, other sources can be
> > far more expensive, but has
> > a superb paint finish and detail.
> > Now, if I were to travel back, from my dotage, is there a
> > decent source of metal aircraft
> > models? Hunter, Lightning, Javelin, Canberra... I'm beginning
> > to drool.
> >
> > Off to have a look at ebay.
> >
> > Gerry Winskill
> > gwinsk@xxxxxxx
> >
> >
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