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Don't remind me. My scribblings at school would invariably include lots of
side views of Hunters in various markings. It was a most aesthetic aircraft
to look at and I still think it was the epitome of craftman's skill. 

If you find a decent diecast model let me know..


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> Looking, just, at the recently downloaded Dave Garwood Hunter 
> video, brought on a 
> bout of nostalgia.
> During National Service, when we regularly were visited by 
> Hunters, I made a Revell 
> model. It pleased the eye and, with occasional re glueing, 
> lasted many years. It didn't, 
> apparently, survive one of our house moves.
>  A couple of years ago, I bought a Franklin Mint model of the 
> E Type.  At 7" long, it's a 
> decent size for detail. It wasn't cheap, other sources can be 
> far more expensive, but has 
> a superb paint finish and detail.
> Now, if I were to travel back, from my dotage, is there a 
> decent source of metal aircraft 
> models? Hunter, Lightning, Javelin, Canberra... I'm beginning 
> to drool.
> Off to have a look at ebay.
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx

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