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One  thing that I have come to respect the FS Developers (ACES) about is 
their  relationships with the 3rd party developers, if you email them, then 
quickly you normally get a reply from the very guy who coded the aspect you  
are asking about, or at least is intimately knowledgable about it.  

There have been some communications to developers recently, and in  online 
blogs, from ACES, about these rumours of no backwards compatability.  

First of all, SP2 will be split into two, one will be DX9 and one will  be 
DX10 COMPATIBLE, not pure DX10,but compatible with some of its features,  such 
as water reflections etc etc. 

From my understanding: (liable to  change, blah blah etc)

The DX9/XP SP2 will be fully compatibible with  anything currently working in 
The DX10/Vista SP2 will not be compabible  with SOME older BGL/.mdl files. 

Now some people have had a rather  nasty reaction to the above (I.E the Vista 
users I know ;) ) BUT what they are  talking of dropping is really old code, 
and it is entirely the developers  faults. 

At the moment, the easiest ways of programming some things  (for SOME 
developers) like animated jetways, dynamically activated lighting  etc etc is 
to use 
code from FS5! I'm not joking, I'll guarantee you that all  of us with a good 
amount of Addon Scenery installed is using some FS5 code in  there somewhere. 

Why should we really expect FS10 to support something  5 generations old? 
especially considering the leap in computer technology  we've had since 1992! 

FSX provides a very easy to use (for ANYONE)  SDK, the problem is developers 
set in their ways, refuse to migrate to new  ways of doing things, Still 
programming in pre FS2004 methods simply isn't  acceptable for someone making 
something for FSX. It isn't even acceptable for  FS9 add ons. 

ACES have said that, currently, their intention for FS11  is to cut off ALL 
backward compatability for anything made not fully to the  FSX SP2 SDK 
standard, and for once I wholeheartedly agree to it. Because it  might mean a 
big step 
forward in a direction we should have gone 5 years ago!  

Anyway, if you are a XP user, don't let SP2 bother you, if its Vista  and/or 
DX10 you are after, then be prepared for sacrafices, however don't  blame 
ACES. Because if the addon you are using was made in the past 5 years,  then 
is no excuse at all for it not to work. 

God I do babble on  sometimes! 


I expect most users will finish up like me, highly confused!
The problem is that most of us have a mixture of inherited goodies, and its  
not easy to figure out, when undertaking an upgrade like SP2, what is going to 
 carry on working, and what is not.
I bought a new machine with Vista to run FSX, only to find that when I run  
IVAO I get crashes. When I run FSX under the XP emulator, IVAO doesn't crash.  
Now it appears there will be 2 SP2s, one for Vista, and one for XP? I don't 
have  a clue which I need, or both?
Frank T.


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