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In some ways I can understand your argument but I disagree with the need to
include the wider syllabus.

I believe that it is by experiencing parts of life that we would not
normally be exposed to that leads us to find our goals in life.  Based on
your arguments I would say that taking a bunch of kids to any museum would
be a waste of time yet as adults we often choose to go.  Why? Nostalgia or a
desire to learn from the past.

OK so your inability to hand swing the prop was not crucial to you in middle
England but could well have been had you been in a radio blackspot in the
middle of nowhere.  Too often we get into the press the button, hope it
works and if it doesn't call out the man who can.  There is a basic lack of
understanding in so much of todays life that it is crippling us.

Locally I live on an estate where we have an illiteracy rate of 60%.  Yes,
you did read that right, 60%!  When trying to encourage the kids that
schooling is important we get "Why? My Dad/Mam didn't go and she's alright."
With the parent's it's "I get by, It's never done me any harm."  They don't
equate their low wage, low prospects with their lack of drive and
determination but show them something they are interested in and suddenly
yheir desire to learn and participate in society changes dramatically.  It's
that aspect of community work here in Hull that keeps me doing it.  Seeing,
as I have, kids who left school with no qualifications going back to school
and eventually on to university knowing you were the catalyst is beyond
measure an it's usually because we take the time to explain things to them
about what they are interested in.  I couldn't do this kind of work without
having had a broad education.  I for one am glad they taught us all that
stuff, whether I'll use it or not.  For me it's about knowing enough of the
basics to know where to go to find out more and that's what I think our
education system does.


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> Seems a lot of hype over something that sounds like a battle
> simulator.
> bones

I was thinking exactly the same, but "flight simulator".  I suspect you are
righter than me <g>

It's a fine example of the vast volume of waffle and piffle generated by
word processor drivers in todays offices. A job I wrote the documentation
for in August 2006 to change 4 pumps for four bigger ones is still not
completed. The electrons used to e-talk about the job probably weigh more
than the pumps which they have yet to finish installing.

I'm beginning to feel that I need to retire....


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