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OK so you've narrowed it down to FS.  Now I suspect 3D acceleration errors.
Bones may have found one of the causes, an attempt to load a faulty scenery
file but also check that your Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering
settings are not too high.  I'd recommend setting them to Application
Controlled on the graphics card then using the settings on the Hardware tab
in FS to optimise them.

Just another thought to try and get that overweight chicken looking around


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When I get the pauses it's the machine, since an attempt at continuous
cursor movement, on a non FS screen, produces the same effect. Disable FS9
and all is smoothnees and light.

Sorry, the above does not make sense. I get pauses, usually because I need
refreshment (ha,ha)

Still sounds like a software problem, a file corruption somewhere.

Ah well, off to watch a recording made earlier.


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