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Ah yes - I remember now. You were at FL150 and JHB156 was at FL80. I can't
remember if I gave traffic info or was just about to when everything went
dark. I recall Phil was also on frequency around that time inbound to Naples
and someone from LMML to LICJ was just about to be handed over to me..
I'd get one of those standby power units only SWMBO would probably go nuts
if I stayed on line while she sat in the dark! <vbg>

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We were all wondering what had happened - your disappearance without 
permission was noted, you know ... <g> 

Don't know if it was correct, but Ernie and I were left on channel, and the
Servinfo map showed we were closing with each other. We had a quick chat to
confirm we had plenty of altitude clearance, which we confirmed when we
passed each other. After more silence we decided to contact our respective
approach controllers, and John guided me into Naples from a distance quite
Amazing what a difference having to think makes!
Frank T.

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