[jhb_airlines] Re: Malta run

  • From: Mike Lucas <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 20:03:15 +0000

We were all wondering what had happened - your disappearance without permission was noted, you know ... <g> Hope you get the freezer fixed quickly, or should all the JHB crews turn up at EGNS for an impromptu banquet to use up the food before it perishes?

Another good session, complete with an airprox with Gerry as he departed LMML and I arrived. First time I have had a large yellow "TRAFFIC" on FPI's TCAS screen. I suspect both horizontal and vertical separation were violated. I was disinclined to say anything to Anthony since he was taking traffic earlier as a result of the absence of LIRR_CTR.

Unfortunately won't be able to join next Wed's session - business trip to Frankfurt.

Mike L

Bones wrote:
I'd like to thank everyone for joining in the Malta run last night. It was a
good session despite my own presence being so sporadic, for which I offer my

First interruption was a phone call from a friend at Scottish Centre, which
was slightly surreal as I had to explain why I was talking to aircraft <g>..
Not long after the call finished the power failed. Reset the trip switch,
got the PC up and running again and plugged in and it failed again. A good
while later I nailed the offending item to the freezer but I only managed to
rejoin at the tail end of the session. Not sure why the freezer is suddenly
tripping the RCD as it still appears to be working properly but assume its
creating voltage spikes. I'll find out tomorrow when the mender arrives. I'm
still trying to find out why the house was surrounded by firemen in full kit
at 0900 this morning but suspect it was a problem next door.. <g>

Next week will see a return to the UK but with Dave being away we may only
have a two airport session planned. Our regular ATC provision now seems to
have shrunk to just Dave, John, Anthony and myself - I'm not sure why the
others have drifted away. Because of this we can only guarantee to man two
airports but we hope that if anyone else joins in we may be able to get a
third operational.

The next session abroad may be in Scandinavia so get your winter kit ready.


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