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Alastair / Frank,

I got these running over my network and very nice it is too.  I found the
labels on AI Aircraft / Airports etc would only appear briefly but the
porgramme itself works well.  I had difficulty in optimising the flight
following, getting the balance between the tilt and the aircraft altitude
proved fiddly. I found keeping the view above the aitcrafts position most

I did find that polling the aircraft's present position, position + 1 minute
and AI Traffic simultaneously occasionnaly caused syncing problems with one
element. Could this be why Frank is locking up?  I don't thik it's his
connection speed, he has 4Mbps D/L, I'm on 2Mbps and can stay on solidly.

Perhaps it's the LAN speed, are you running 10Mb or 100Mb LAN Frank?  That
may be the bottle-neck, data transfer via the LAN. (I'm on 100Mb LAN).


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Can anyone (with WideFs) please check out this link.


It is a small? programme to link up MS Flight Simulator and Google Earth
running on the second computer.

Requires registered versions of FSUIPC and WideFS

I have the former, but not the latter.

Ps out of interest Google Earth has a 'Flight Simulator' mode.

Press 'Ctrl G' and a small aeroplane icon will appear.

Left mouse button + forward or back to dive/climb.
Right mouse button + forward or back to speed up/slow down. Mouse left or
right to bank.



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