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Fuel is getting expensive now so you will see operators looking for more
ways to cut costs. On short haul it is almost the norm now to see aircraft
continue climbing until they reach their descent point - no level flight at

Jet operating heights are going up too. 20 years ago the levels that were
most in demand were FL330 and FL350 but more and more are going up to FL390
or FL410. The latter is the limit for most commercial jets - only a handful
push up to FL450.

On my radar right now I have 85 contacts. Just one is at FL410 (Gulfstream
4), one at FL390 (A330), five at FL380, two at FL370, four at FL360 and 15
between FL350 and FL300.


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Out of curiosity I've just repeated last night's flight. With similar 
weather, the identical route and cruise speed, the fuel burn was reduced 
by 10%, by flying at FL210 instead of FL100. I guess that's not bad for 
a 130 mile flight, with time to cruise alt being almost the same as time 
at cruise altitude.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:
> The lousy weather, with tonight's practice session called off, I tried 
> an online from Welshpool to Ronaldsway. It was in the Epic turboprop 
> that I bought this week.
> It behaves very reallistically, with lots of spool up delay. A very 
> enjoyable 26 ILS landing, in realistic weather. The lighting in the 
> cloud, on finals, was wierdly realistic and dramatic.
> Gerry Winskill

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