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My THTG is analogue but they may still b e available. The main advantage of the digital version is that it can compensate for the areas where the monitor frames are. So, the monitor frames have the same effect that a windscreen support would have.

That's about as much as I know but Tom or John Hill may know more.

Gerry Winskill

F FISHER wrote:
One other question

TH2G is now DVI, and small DVI screens are not available, and standard screens are mostly analogue (also cheaper).

Would I be correct in thinking your TH2G is analogue

Would that mean buying converters to use analogue screens on a DVI TH2G? Which would defeat DVI, or would that not be an issue.

Frank F
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The top, scenery, monitors are 17", Yusmart, which are one of Overclockers own brands. At least they were when I bought them. At some stage I would like to replace them with larger units, though not wide screen. The limitation is space; and cash! The main factors when buying for multiscreen scenery display are narrow bezels and, even more important, three from the same supplier. Initially I bought two of the Yusmarts, to suplement the 17" VP171S that is now relegated to this PC. That just wasn't acceptable because the colours didn't match.

The two used for panel an FSC are 15". One is an Hyundai and the other an iiYama. For Inst Panel display matching types, even sizes, is probably less important.

Gerry Winskill

F FISHER wrote:

I would be interested , as to what size are your monitors, and whether wide or standard.

I am trying to set up a shopping list, and what if any advantage for wide screen for FS.

I will not get close to your setup, ie GoFlight modules, But the extra screen estate would be my ideal.

Currently using a standard 18 inch and 17 inch TFT on one machine.

Frank F
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Interesting to see that you have the 'differential brakes' screen message even though you are, presumably, not touching them. Could you adjust the null zone for both toe brake axis to deal with this? I know you can with the
Saitek pedals.


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Batteries charged and 10/20 lense on and the two glass monitors can be
seen at


Since taking the shot I've found a way of getting the window frames out
of site, which looks better. The only non standard Epic gauge in the
shot is my MFD to the right of the lever pedestal.

Off to try it.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

The idea of using monitors 4 and 5 to display the PFD and MFD is dead
easy to arrange. I've also got the popup Throttles and Avionics windows
on the same monitor as the MFD. All i need do now is make a popup
version of a couple of my must have, homegrown gauges and it's done.
I'll put up a photo when the batteries have charged. Off for a walk
during the rain gap.

Daughter's flight has just landed back at Auckland, so I can escape from
watching their Arrivals board, too.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:
Hi Denis,

It's raining outside, so I've got back to you early.

Just to be different, I'll start with the conclusion.

Would I buy it again. No. That deserves some elaboration, so here goes.

First the appearance. I guess I've got used to more conventional
aircraft and the slinky curves of the Epic LT, although a very
accurate representation of the real thing, just don't look quite
right, to me. On smaller aircraft, like the Cirrus, they are just
fine. Somehow the effect doesn't carry over to something larger. I'm
sure if I walked up to the real aircraft I'd have the same reaction.
The accurate way in which the aircraft has been constructed, using the
mesh for the real aircraft, plus its drag friendly smooth surfaces,
have reduced its FSX attraction. Despite the paint job being fairly
simple, the textures take a LONG time to load, when you take a side or
spot view. The designers refer to this and suggest converting the
texture format, which somewhat defeats the object of the exercise.

On the appearance front, I guess I'd be happier with something looking
like the PC12, or Piper Meridian, with a few straight lines and
occasional panel join to be seen.

Appearance, though isn't the main reason, That's more a question of
when the novelty has worn off, and when I've stopped fiddling with the panel, when will I use it? I fly mostly VFR these days, in FSX and UK.
But the Epic's Turboprop is happiest at around 20,000', so it's
strictly for IFR use. Again, I'm thinking real world and don't think
I'd feel particularly relaxed flying at that height in something as
relatively small as this!

The only criticism I'd make about the flight model is that it's a bit
sensitive in roll. That's easily cured, by tweaking the Aircraft.cfg
and perhaps the real aircraft is like that, anyway. In the area that I
personally look for decent performance it's definitely OK. That's the
ability to set up a decently stable manual ILS approach and I'm quite
happy with its performance there.

The engine is excellent, with a delay of about 5 seconds to spool up
or down. So, the grey cells get a bit of exercise. The Manual gives
very good coverage of potential problems handling the engine and good
power management is essential, so another plus for it in that area.

When I decided to purchase it I was influenced by three things.

It's a Lionheart production and their TB21GT / TB200GT package
provides two of the best payware aircraft I've come across. For VFR in
FSX they are the only two aircraft I now use. The TB200GT is fine for
farmstrips and the TB21GT my choice for anything longer than a
farmstrip. In fact the turbocharged TB21GT can almost fill the slot at
which the Epic is aimed.

Next it looked to have a decent glass panel, in an aircraft designed
to be equipped that way. That's a bit less unrealistic than the
retrofits I've occasionally done. Because I use the three monitor
THTG, with a fourth monitor to which the instrument panel has to be
displaced, I always have to do panel mods, to make this setup work.
The problem with a dual gauge glass display is that, even with a full
monitor to access, quite a few of the components are displayed too
small to be readable. Turbine ITT and Torque are just two examples of
this. To be fair, Lionheart have got round this by allowing quite a
few of these subgauges to produce enlarged popups, by clicking the
mouse over them. I'm not keen on this approach, since it takes me
further away from realism, and I hate popups anyway. Hence my move to
design digital gauges to provide some of the less readable data in
readable form. I can tack these together to form an engine data
readout display. However, I woke this morning to the realisation that
the startlingly obvious had totally eluded me. I have a fifth monitor
that is normally switched off. It's on only if I'm doing a heavy(ish)
metal IFR flight, when I use it to display FSC. Since the Epic has a
glass cockpit, I'd overlooked the fact that that's what I have,
anyway. All I need do is use one monitor to display the PFD and the
other to display the MFD, plus switches etc. That should fill the wet

The third factor really over-rides the other two. At current exchange
rates it was quite cheap, over here. So, it's definitely been worth
the cash, for the enjoyment I've had fiddling with the panel, and
learning something whilst doing it; my digital ITT gauge now works!

Sorry to have gone on but it wos you wot lit the blue touchpaper!

Gerry Winskill

Denis Ripley wrote:
How do you find that Epic Gerry? I have been looking at it myself but can't make up my mind. If you get a chance, how about a quick review?


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The lousy weather, with tonight's practice session called off, I
tried an online from Welshpool to Ronaldsway. It was in the Epic
turboprop that I bought this week.

It behaves very reallistically, with lots of spool up delay. A very
enjoyable 26 ILS landing, in realistic weather. The lighting in the
cloud, on finals, was wierdly realistic and dramatic.

Gerry Winskill

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