[jhb_airlines] List problems

  • From: "Paul Reynolds" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB List" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 15:15:49 -0000

Frustratingly I've been getting bounced mailings recently, several of these
having been to the list.

I know the cause, my ISP (Karoo) are upgrading customers to 8Mb and it's
causing havoc.  At present I'm on a 2Mb connection though I'm to be upgraded
on Friday.  I'm told there may be some disruption for a couple of weeks
afterwards which may lead to disconections while they verify data transfer
speeds.  So, if I'm on and then suddenly gone you'll know why.  Not dodgy
ticker (I hope anyway).  It's so nice of them to roll this out at

On the health issue, I'm feeling fine, seems irregular eating patterns are
the biggest cause of problems.  My diet, which I always thought of as bad
turns out not to be as fearful as I thought.  Seems I naturally balance the
junk food with healthy eating.

They want me to adopt a natural daily rhythmn with regular meals and
sleeping patterns.  The former I can cope with, the latter is more
difficult.  I've never been able to go to bed and just go to sleep, even in
hospital I was chatting to staff at four in the morning while watching
American Football in the visitors room!

Might be online later, though got to go and collect a graduation certificate
at the Guildhall first.  Shaking hands with politicians, shouldn't be
allowed let alone expected!


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