[jhb_airlines] Re: List anomolies

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  • Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 04:42:22 -0000

Last post was from Gerry at 2051.


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Well I got this straight back within 15 seconds, so I guess all is
well, just no-one with anything to say.........

Or, mmmmmm maybe you're all on-line!

Just checking

Kev T

On 11/20/2006 23:50:22, Kev Townsend (175@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:  > I don't
appear to have received any mail from the jhb list since 12:34  > I wonder
if this a list-wide problem or just me? I anyone receives
this message could you confirm by email direct?
 > If we are all in the same boat then no-one will read this anyway ;-)  >
> Cheers  >  > Kev T

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