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I'll send you a screenshot of my setup - it will explain better than any
words. I use Windows Classic view so my folders may look different to yours.

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Without seeing your screen I can't be sure what you are looking at. Just in
case you have moved the wrong folders check to see if the uninstall routine
icon you are looking at is the program itself or a shortcut to it. Right
click the icons and select properties if you can't identify the icon type.
Under the General tab it should say Type of File = Shortcut.
If you select Explore from the Start button it should open up Explorer at
the folder called Start Menu. This has a sub folder called Programs which
should contain a raft of shortcuts - these being the icons you see when you
click on Start and All Programs. It really helps here if you've changed the
settings in Explorer to show all file extensions - go into Tools and Folder
Options, select the View tab and untick "Hide extensions for known file

Thanks for that, after a spell perusing the programs folder I can confirm
that -
1. Following your instructions carefully the right click and Explore reveals
an exloded view of My Computer with the Start Menu highlighted on the left
with its contents displayed on the right, the important one being a folder
called Programs.
2. A double click on the programs folder reveals -
(a) 2 normal looking folders, one named Accessories, the other named Startup
(b) a number of other folders with the Windows logo, each contains a number
of shortcuts.
(c) some other shortcuts, e.g. Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows
Media Player
3. As I understand it, each of these entries will manifest itself in the
displayed all programs menu. I want to seriously reduce the number of these.

4. The key to this must be to create a menu items which call aub-menus,
which I understand is what you have done. However, when I create a new
folder within this Programs folder, it creates a folder with a Windows logo
on it, rather than a normal looking folder.
Is the answer to create a folder with a logo, call it say FlightSim, and
then cut and paste all short cuts for FS programs to it, and then delete the
folders left empty?
Sorry to be a pain but I think it would make for a much tidier all programs
Frank T.

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