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Beat me to it while I was busy cooking Sunday dinner .... :-)

Mike L

Paul wrote:
I use Mike Lin's Startup manager, far better than MSConfig, tie it into the CPL and you also have an extra line of defence against trojans.
Can be downloaded from www.mlin.net <http://www.mlin.net>

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All programs rapidly becomes a quagmire of hard to find program
shortcuts. Back in Win98 days I made a decision to create just ten
folders for this section and each program installed got allocated to
one of the ten sections. I think I had Apps, Comms, FS, Microsoft,
Games, Utilities, Multimedia, Flying and JWData. In WinXP this grew
to 18 folders but the logic is still there.
When I click on All programs I just see 18 folders and these then
open up to reveal the programs inside - or further folders. For
example in FS it opens to reveal just nine folder entries of which
four are FS2004, GoFlight Config, FSNavDB and ASv6. The other six
are further folders for Aircraft, Design, Manuals, Add-ons etc It
takes a while to set this up but it is well worth it.

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Hi Experts,
While we are in this area, I have a daft question for you.
When I select the All Programs option, my screen is more than
full, and I can't see any means of scrolling across. Do I have a
scroll bar hidden by a poorly centred screen, or is there a
magic button to press?
I realize from Alastair's e-mails that I could set up another
user account, but surely there's an easier way?
Frank T.

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