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Thanks for that tip, Paul. I found it difficult to believe when I got my XP Pro laptop that it had fewer account options than my Win2K boxes.

Mike L

Paul wrote:
Not so, although to access the "other types" isn't so easy, they are hidden
in the Computer Management Console.

RIGHT-Click "My Computer" choose "Manage" "Local Users and Groups" and
"Users".  From here you can re-allocate to the other types (eg. Power User).


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This is an area where Win XP is inferior to Win2K, since the latter offers a greater degree of control and choice over the type of account.

Mike L

Alastair wrote:

It is quite easy <G>

Go into Control Panel\User Accounts.

There you will see all your user accounts for the computer.

 From here it's quite easy to set up a new account, modify an existing
account, change passwords etc.

There are basically 2 types of accounts - Administrator and

As long as you are logged in as an Administrator you can change these

Read the help file about what restrictions are placed on a

It is best to set up a special account, purely for F.S use, with only
the programs loaded, which are necessary to run Flight Sim.

i.e do away with all the virus scanners, etc. that you normally run in
the background on the Main Account.


franklyn fisher wrote:
I think that Mike Lucas's suggestion of having a separate account for
Flightsim use, with LIMITED ACCESS, is a very good one.


So what you are saying is: set up another account, install your
relevent programs etc, then change the account to restricted.

Is that correct?

Not having gone into setting up accounts, I am not aware as to what
you can do.

Frank F

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