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Nice tale but not quite factually correct. The little lantern tower on the
very top of the building was about the same size as the lift itself. The
lift actually stopped in the tower and there was a vertical ladder behind
our desk that went up to a trapdoor leading into the lantern room.

Nobody ever went up there in my time - it had long been left disused - and,
oddly enough, I don't think anyone even went up there out of curiosity
either. The only time it was ever opened was on a night shift and followed
several days of fairly miserable and heavy rain. About two o clock in the
morning (why do disasters always happen in the early hours?) the controller
noticed that something was dripping on his desk, looked up and then the
whole ceiling caved in.

The whole tower was flooded. For some reason it missed the radar displays (I
still don't know how) but the rest was a right mess which took several days
to sort out. A window in the lantern tower has broken and water had been
getting in for months. As the floor had been sealed off from the tower you
can appreciate that it allowed a rather large amount of water to collect
before gravity did the inevitable.

The story about the lift is true though. It would often start off on its own
adventures. Obviously we accepted that the lift may leave the floor it was
on if someone pressed a button but it was impossible for it to arrive at a
floor empty. It didn't have any memory logic and would only go to the floor
selected - and only be active once someone was in the lift with the door
shut. Even so it would sometimes arrive at the tower - with no one inside.

There were several well known people killed at the airport. I think the
first was on the opening day in 1933 when the Mayor walked into a rotating
prop. Then there was Leo Valentin (the birdman) in 1956 and many pilots
during the war. They conducted the Hurricat trials at Liverpool with the
catapult pointing out over the river - not a brilliant idea because the
first few tests were so violent in acceleration that it cut the engine out.


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I have parked my Freelander on the GA parking area at EGGP with no problems
for occasionally 2-3 days. There are often Manx cars there too. It seems to
be relatively immune in spite of the fact that the Speke estate is only 200
yards away.

Bones - you worked in the old Speke Tower?
This is 4th or 5th hand, so you may correct the story if you know it. A chap
went there one night after the new airfield opened to do some work. He was
alone, and went up to the top lantern gallery in the little lift which was
the only access.  As he worked, the lift suddenly started up and went down,
leaving him stuck.  He was rescued much later that night and the police said
that there were no doors forced, nor windows broken nor any sign that anyone
else had been in the building.

During the 30's some fairly famous pilot was killed on landing there in a
military aircraft.  It was always said that his ghost haunted the terminal

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