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Indeed. Again a little chunky but it did a good job.

Don't get me started on French ugly aircraft though - there's quite a list.


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Not forgetting the  Breguet Alizé, which was similar to the Gannet, but
single screw.


bones wrote:
> Yep - Shorts built the Sturgeon and the Seamew.
> Much earlier (1929) they also built a horrible floatplane thing called
> the Short Mussel (I kid you not). It didn't fly very well so they
> banged a new engine in it and called it the Mussel 2. That wasn't any
> better so they shoved it in a corner and forgot about it.
> A couple of years later De Havilland got in touch with Shorts and
> asked if they could design a set of floats for the Tiger Moth. Shorts
> pulled the Mussel out, stripped the floats off it and sent then to DH.
> Apart from being surprised about the speed at which Shorts could knock
> a pair of floats up <g> DH found them to work on the Tiger perfectly -
> and so the Queen Bee was born.
> It was this float design I added to the FS model. It took longer than
> the original aircraft to research and build but I ended up with a set
> of float drawings, found out all about their history and, much later
> on, I discovered that only one pair are left in existence thanks to a
> chance picture on the web.
> bones
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> Seamew --was that built by Shorts?  Fred
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>> I didn't see a Gannet until I went to the Yeovilton Museum in 1969
>> and it  amazed me how big the brute was. As you say, not the
>> prettiest of aircraft  but neither were the Sturgeon or little
>> Seamew.. <g>
>> bones
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>> There used to be a Fairey Gannet outside Deeside College (West of
>> chester south of the Dee Estuary, not Scotland)).  It stood between
>> the road and the main college building so looked very imposing,
>> although it isn't a pretty aircraft.
>> Just found this on the web.
>> "The aeroplane, which up until 2003 was sited outside the front of
>> the College, was a Mark 6 Fairey Gannet. During trials in June 1950
>> on HMS Illustrious, this had become the first turbo-prop aeroplane to
>> land on an aircraft carrier. The Fairey Gannet went into production
>> in 1953 and into operation in 1955 (Lee-on-Solent, HMS Eagle and HMS
>> Ark Royal). In 1970, Flintshire College of Technology already had
>> four aircraft and bought the surplus Gannet from the Ministry of
>> Defence for £750, to add to its collection.
>> The aircraft was flown from RAF Lossiemouth into Hawarden Airport in
>> 1971 and was then towed to the college using an agricultural tractor!
>> Even with the wings folded they had some difficulty getting it under
>> the bridge at Shotton. Nevertheless it reached Connah's Quay safely
>> and was fully utilised by the Aeronautical Engineering Department for
>> training purposes until 1995, when it was put out to grass to stand
>> on guard at the entrance to the College.
>> In the summer of 2003, the Fairey Gannet was dismantled by 750 Thorne
>> Squadron, Air Training Corps and taken off to South Yorkshire Air
>> Museum.The college donated the aircraft to the Air Museum for tender
>> loving care and restoration by young air cadets."
>> Peter
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