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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 18:22:21 +0000


After having read you reply, all has become clear.

Thanks again.


Bones wrote:
> I bet. Lennart's English is just a touch fractured. You can understand what
> he is saying but only after you have done it. It doesn't help that he
> confuses folders with files - he uses the latter for both..
> bones
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> Thanks for that, John, I will have another go tomorrow night.
> I see from the Flightsim 2004 forum that others have been having similar
> problems.
> Cheers
> Alastair
>>From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
>>Date: 2004/12/22 Wed AM 12:11:28 GMT
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>>Subject: [jhb_airlines] Lennart installation
>>Having been working with Reverse Polish Notation I think I have 
>>cleared = up Lennart's slightly odd instructions. I had the same fault 
>>message myself = but
>>I think I've sorted it out.
>>Everything takes place in the FS2004/Scenery/World folder.
>>1. Install the Texture Switch program into the above folder.
>>2. Run it if you want but it will throw up the Error 5 message.
>>3. Check that it has created four new folders under World called 
>>NorthEurope, SouthEurope, USA and MyOwnMix. These should all be empty.
>>4. Open the Texture folder and copy the 3,946 files from that into the 
>>NorthEurope folder and the USA folder.
>>5. Now remove the Texture folder from FS. Lennart says move it outside 
>>= FS completely or bung it on a CD. I have just zipped it all up and 
>>put it = in
>>6. Now run each of the five zips for his new textures and extract them 
>>= to the NorthEurope folder. This will obviously overwrite existing 
>>default textures (about 1500 of them) in this folder.
>>7. You now have a fully revised texture set in the NorthEurope folder 
>>= (3995 files in my case), original textures in the USA folder and no 
>>textures = in
>>SouthEurope or MyOwnMix. You should also have no Texture folder any more
>>8. Start the Texture Switch program. Choose the NorthEurope option and 
>>= it should work. If you still have a Texture folder you still get an 
>>error message. What the Texture Switch program will do is pick the 
>>folder for = the
>>area you choose and it renames (not copies) it as Texture. Choose
>>SouthEurope or MyOwnMix and you will find a Texture folder that is =
>>Choose USA and you will have the original textures back. Choose
>>NorthernEurope and you get the new set.
>>Lennart says he'll make further supplementary sets for USA and 
>>SouthernEurope soon. His idea is that you can mix and match any 
>>textures = and put the results in the MyOwnMix folder. Personally I'll 
>>not have the = time to
>>look through 3900 textures and pick my favorites - I wouldn't know what =
>>covered anyway.
>>Hope this helps..

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