[jhb_airlines] Lennart installation

  • From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB Email List" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 00:11:28 -0000

Having been working with Reverse Polish Notation I think I have cleared =
Lennart's slightly odd instructions. I had the same fault message myself =
I think I've sorted it out.

Everything takes place in the FS2004/Scenery/World folder.

1. Install the Texture Switch program into the above folder.

2. Run it if you want but it will throw up the Error 5 message.

3. Check that it has created four new folders under World called
NorthEurope, SouthEurope, USA and MyOwnMix. These should all be empty.

4. Open the Texture folder and copy the 3,946 files from that into the
NorthEurope folder and the USA folder.

5. Now remove the Texture folder from FS. Lennart says move it outside =
completely or bung it on a CD. I have just zipped it all up and put it =

6. Now run each of the five zips for his new textures and extract them =
the NorthEurope folder. This will obviously overwrite existing default
textures (about 1500 of them) in this folder.

7. You now have a fully revised texture set in the NorthEurope folder =
files in my case), original textures in the USA folder and no textures =
SouthEurope or MyOwnMix. You should also have no Texture folder any more

8. Start the Texture Switch program. Choose the NorthEurope option and =
should work. If you still have a Texture folder you still get an error
message. What the Texture Switch program will do is pick the folder for =
area you choose and it renames (not copies) it as Texture. Choose
SouthEurope or MyOwnMix and you will find a Texture folder that is =
Choose USA and you will have the original textures back. Choose
NorthernEurope and you get the new set.

Lennart says he'll make further supplementary sets for USA and
SouthernEurope soon. His idea is that you can mix and match any textures =
put the results in the MyOwnMix folder. Personally I'll not have the =
time to
look through 3900 textures and pick my favorites - I wouldn't know what =
covered anyway.

Hope this helps..


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