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Simply get the Lat Long positions for each fix you need. These will either
be in degrees, minutes and seconds (54:21:03) or probably degrees, minutes
and decimal minutes (51:24.6456). You need to convert these to decimal

For DMS - 54:21:03 for example - divide the 03 by 60 and add to the 21
(becomes 21.05). Next divide this by 60 and add the 54. Result should be

For DM.MM - say 54:21.5436 - just divide the 21.5436 by 60 and add the 54.
Result should be 54.35906.

Best thing is to run up a quick spreadsheet to do this to minimise typos.


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I have begun to control the Farnborough Tower in FPI and wanted to create 
the correct SID/STAR routes.

In order to do this I must create a .txt file outlining the route points 
expressed in such a manner.... 50.033611

Can anyone advise how best to acquire this co-ordinate, say of Compton VOR?

My thanks in advance


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