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Rubbish. You can't put a VFR aircraft into a holding pattern and neither is
it necessary to put VFR aircraft at the tail of the IFR queue - you create a
gap for him.

Also note that the phraseology for ILS approaches will change on 15th
November after which the instruction has to be "When established on the
localiser descend on the ILS (runway)(QNH)". See the NOTAMS or forum for the
full details.

- QNH can be omitted if it has already been passed once during the approach
- Runway number should be added in the transmission at airports with more
than one runway


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A very instructive evening with Robin looking over my shoulder.

Found a lot of weak points which working on a small field did not show up.

Need to have some more goes on EGKK, but must do more prep work first.

Handled at least 10 ac before Robin logged off, then another 5 before
shutting down myself around 2230 local.

Also found that I cannot slot in a VFR, they must go to the back of the que,

ie holding pattern until clear of IFR. I though I had time to get you in
Fred, but Control thought not. Sorry about that.

But it was a lot of fun. As it should be.

Still, must not neglect my pilot hours tho.


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