[jhb_airlines] Re: Last night's FPI Session

  • From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 00:07:47 +0100

A clue at last..

You say that when you tried to reconnect you got a warning to the effect
that "a user with this callsign is already connected".

Did anyone else get this message during the session - because I did when
I got dropped from the server and tried to log in again.

It sounds like one of the servers went wonky but was keeping our data on
the system. That may explain why some of us got dropped and could not
re-establish properly. Andy was one.

If I remember in time for the next session I might use ServInfo to check
the speed of the servers and log on to one that has the lowest usage but
with reasonable ping times. I'll then email everyone to say which server
I have plugged into.

When it is busy the ATC list in ATOC can be a bit fiddly to use. I tend
to do what you did in the end - open the ConnectionBox and close the
COM1 channel then type in the new station manually.

Dem bones

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> Hi John,
> Great night, perhaps with a few mishaps.
> B.T.W I think you did a great job last night, a lesser mortal 
> would have 
> crumpled :)
> A had a coupe of 'goes' last night, at landing at EGCC.
> The first flight was with the ATR, all was going well, until 
> I found I 
> was unable to contact EGCC_APR, although I was able to speak 
> to Andy o.k. FPI said server may be unavailable or that a 
> person with my name was 
> already connected (or words to that effect).
> Eventually directed to Manchester ILS by Bones, using the UK 
> channel. Using Active Sky weather at that time, the 
> visibility was atrocious and 
> I really should have aborted, still I made it in the end.
> The second attempt was with the JHB737. Was able to contact 
> EGCC_APP by 
> typing it directly into the connection box.
> A bit more successful, this time, although, as you mentioned, 
> the frame 
> rates on arrival were ridiculous, about 2-3 FPS. I don't think that 
> having the VFR scenery active helped the frame rate, either.
> A strange think that I noticed was that clicking on the ATC 
> box, gave me 
> entirely frequency from that expected, and clicking on the 
> EGCC_APR line 
> connected me to a 'Dutch' controller, who asked me if I was anywhere 
> near Iceland!.
> Re ATC voice levels, my wish list would be for a little 'thermometer' 
> scale to show that the microphone was actually transmitting, 
> and set to 
> the correct level.
> All in all, a great night, and I hope that we can do it 
> again, sometime. Thanks for your help, and patience, John.
> Alastair.
> P.S would it have helped if we were all using different servers, or 
> should we be all on the same server? How do you know which is 
> the best 
> server?
> Bones wrote:
> > Despite the problems it was a great evening.
> > 

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