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FSNav has to be used with caution. Once you get five or six aircraft on it
some start to drop out - not ideal for radar control.

Before we start talking about Rory's server and other alternatives I'd
suggest we wait to see what the future provision of services from FPI is
likely to be. There is a lot of difference between pure multiplayer services
and those providing multiple ATC positions. At the moment there is a solid
dividing line between the two but I cannot see why they cannot be integrated
- and maybe the future FPI software will allow this.


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Will see you again this evening, have only just got my virtual PPl, must
work up to commercial.

I can offer a multiplayer server, most evenings, just needs a voice comms. I

do also have a basic freeware radar program, will need to look it up and
check it out, long time no use.

Of course, FSNav can be used in radar mode as well, primitve, but effective,

have used it this way many times, and it does have all the ILS's NDB's etc.
But it is not standalone.

For voice, Teamspeak or Roger Wilco, (Skype is great, for one on one).

Other than that, there is always Rory Gillies server, much more powerfull
than mine with more bandwidth.

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