[jhb_airlines] Last night

  • From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB Email List" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 23:57:37 +0100

Many thanks to everyone who joined in the FPI session last night - it
was a good turn out. I will write up the summary for the web page
shortly but want to raise one topic here - that of connectivity to FPI.

Voice seems to be no problem at all because even if the ATOC screen
fails to connect almost everyone seems to get through on voice. Kevin
must have felt very frustrated last night in being able to chat to us
but failing to get his ATOC setup to lock on to the MP session he set up
in FS MP. 

Tom also has problems in that he sees no other aircraft (except on TCAS)
despite the rest of his system working OK.

We also had a third member online unknown to us all. Colin Wilding also
managed to get through on voice and was with us for a good portion of
the evening but he also could not get ATOC itself up and running. The
odd thing in Colin's case is that he is running a single computer and
ATOC still could not locate his hosted MP session.

Some of us have been lucky in that ATOC worked "right out of the box"
and we have not touched the setup since. For others it is a brick wall -
so it may be worth looking into the setup procedure in more detail. At
the moment I think there are two separate questions that need to be
answered to sort out Kevin's, Tom's and Colin's headaches..

1. What mechanism does FPI use to allow the ATOC screen to locate the MS
MP host session? Why is this not working for Colin and Kevin?

2. ATOC uses several ports to transfer data. On my system they are (from
the ATOCSC.INI file:

Is it the TRAFFICPORT of 15810 or the MULTIPLAYERPORT of 15400 that
stops aircraft data from reaching Tom's screen? Because this is inbound
data is it blocked at firewall level or within FS itself? Tom says that
with everything on one machine it all works but when he splits the ATOC
onto a separate machine the traffic fails. Does this indicate a firewall
problem between the two machines rather than an Internet firewall?

If we get these questions answered it would definitely be worth putting
the data into an FAQ to save angst for other pilots. I'll have a scan
through the FPI forum tomorrow but tonight is going to be taken up with
JHB pages and a write up of yesterday's session.


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