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Funny you should mention that. Toys are becoming quite irresistible to me
too and I really have to resist the urge to pour over the
Dabs/Amazon/Technomatic etc etc web sites in case I succumb to something
new. At the moment my temptation is to look for a laptop at long last but I
can't justify a new one. I might just hunt around for something second hand.
I don't want anything exotic but it must be running XP..

The MGB shot is from an earlier era when the Roadster was fresh out of the
rebuild shop with lots of new panels and a repaint. It went to the happy
hunting ground almost ten years ago. The MG in the garage is a blue GT but I
kept the reg..


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To cut to the important bit. Was the MGB just pushed out for the shot or
is it on the road?
I'd almost decided to look for one, after the XJS left for the
graveyard. Since then, another rush of  blood to the head should see a
Watsonian GP Manx sidecar delivered on Monday. It's for mating to the
now naked R100.
 Strangely, the older I get and the harder to resist temptation. Of the
toy buying variety, I hasten to add.
Gerry Winskill

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