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  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 14:23:52 +0100

As there were only two of the normal five servers working last night it
would have caused everyone problems - especially if you normally use one of
the absent servers. If FPI can't find your selected server it either throws
up the rejected message (which you got) or it pushes you onto the server at
the top of the list in your INI file (which it did to me). If this server is
a US one then it causes real problems.

I got rejected too the first time but then I went into the controller setup
and manually selected the Munich server. As soon as this kicked in it fired
up ATOC voice - but this also connected to a US voice server rather than the
normal fsd.flightproject.de - and so I had to close this down too and reset
it. Despite doing this the FPI system didn't recognise my voice channel as
valid - this is why it didn't flag up in ServInfo and is why pilots couldn't
double click my frequency to trigger the automatic changeover.

I've sorted it out now - and the solution is rather a silly one. The
controllers software has an ATIS box for inputting current ATOC weather - a
bit pointless as pilots can't get this weather and it often goes out of date
after 1900UTC. Last night I didn't enter any ATIS data as I was plugged in
as EGTT_CTR. Today I've been fiddling for hours and I finally banged in an
ATIS for Shannon - and my voice channel immediately activated! Odd?


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Sorry I couldn't make contact with EGTT_CTR, last night. Possibly
because I was on a different server? All attempts to log on using your
recommended server saw me "forcibly rejected". Although some of the
others managed to make contact by dialing in the frequency, it didn't
work on mine. Tried via GF and manually via the avionics panel.  The other
odd thing is that though they managed to connect, Servinfo
showed you as not having a connection available.
The other thing I noticed was the pronounced server lag, after I'd
landed at Leeds. Steve had shut down, whilst, visually, he still had 2.5
miles to run.
Enjoyable, though.

Gerry Winskill

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