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  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 14:23:52 +0100

If anyone is free to log into FPI I'd appreciate a quick test. I'm logged in
as Shanwick Oceanic on 122.90..

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Sorry I couldn't make contact with EGTT_CTR, last night. Possibly 
because I was on a different server? All attempts to log on using your 
recommended server saw me "forcibly rejected". Although some of the 
others managed to make contact by dialing in the frequency, it didn't 
work on mine. Tried via GF and manually via the avionics panel.
The other odd thing is that though they managed to connect, Servinfo 
showed you as not having a connection available.
The other thing I noticed was the pronounced server lag, after I'd 
landed at Leeds. Steve had shut down, whilst, visually, he still had 2.5 
miles to run.

I could only make contact with Bones by bringing up the connection box and
typing EGTT_CTR in the box. (Clicking on EGTT_CTR got me connected to
Leeds).  At first I was also forcibly rejected, I tried various servers and
got this message, I finally got a server full message. I retried that server
and second time I got in. I did my entire trip from Leeds to Southampton
without appearing on Servinfo, that's never happened before.
More gremlins than usual, though I didn't get kicked off last night.
Frank T.

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