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I recall one FS98 aircraft that was so overpowered that you couldn't =
land it
either. In fact, even at idle, you could very slowly climb!

If it is simply a matter of the aircraft not slowing down fast enough =
could always add a bit more drag to the gear. You could also increase =
drag but be careful here as it will affect the whole approach profile.

If an FS aircraft has a tendency to yaw a bit the dynamics are a bit out =
I think you would have to increase Yaw Stability by a silly amount (you
could also try increasing fin area but I've never tested how effective =
is in FS). If you do make yaw changes then take her up to a reasonable
height and rock the wings a few times. If the yaw persists it is in the
aileron values and not a longitudinal matter.


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In FPI flights, I often use the PAD CRJ700. It has two drawbacks. The =
is a=20
reluctance to sit onto the dech. When down to about 3 feet from the =
it will float=20
for ever. To get it down I have either to drive it onto the deck or, =
it's easier on the=20
nosewheel, deploy the spoilers. Does this happen in real life? I recall
often being=20
horrified, on early Manchester to London shuttle flights, the Trident =
into reverse=20
thrust, whilst still not on the runway.

The second problem is a lateral waywardness, on short finals. Possibly =
result of full=20
flap and low speed, it's very difficult to get it onto the centreline =
keep it there. I've=20
edited Aircraft.cfg, increasing Roll Stabillity and Yaw Stabillity from =
to 1.3 but the=20
effect's barely detectable. Any offers gratefully received.=20
Gerry Winskill

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