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There is also the Jane's World Aircraft Recognition Handbook by Derek Wood -
a sort of sequel to the old Observers books.

Plenty of web pages that do the same sort of thing - especially in Russia!
For helicopters try http://avia.russian.ee/ and for fixed wing try
http://www.airwar.ru/indexe.html - although there are many others of similar


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A nice little paperback, a bit like the old 'Observer' series.

"Civil Aircraft Recognition" by Airlife Publishing Paul Eden/Dave Windle

£6.39 from Amazon



Peter Dodds wrote:
> I have never really bothered much with aircraft recognition - I
> just fly a little one and all others are either big, little or
> helicopters <g>
> However, since I took my 6 year old son up in the 172 for his
> first ever flight last Sunday, everytime an aircraft flies
> overhead, he wants to know what it is!!! I'm OK-ish on light
> aircraft - the ones that fly over us anyway - but I am U/S at big
> ones.  Is there a good web site anyone can recommend for the
> commoner types.  I can buy a book, but that has every single
> variant of every aircraft in it, and that's a bit overkill fo my
> purposes.
> Peter

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