[jhb_airlines] Klagenfurt

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 18:20:26 +0100

Just a heads up on those flying into LOWK tonight. Hopefully you've read the
plates but a couple of reminders about the approaches.

There are two procedures where your rate of descent has to be high. In one
case you will need to lose 4000ft in just 10nm and another 7,500ft in about
15nm. Speed control is essential - anyone entering the area at high speed is
just going to whap into a hillside as turn radiuses are tight. The procedure
recommends bank angles in excess of 20 degrees minimum.

If you have to go around don't accelerate until the 180 degree turn is
complete otherwise you won't make it round. That means an overshoot at
approach speeds and steep bank angles. You'll have to do this manually
because the AP won't fly that aggressively.

Once I start dropping you below FL100 into the valley you have to stay
sharp. If your turns aren't tight enough and you stray towards high ground I
can do little except warn you of impending impact. You might consider
picking an aircraft fitted with GPWS.


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