[jhb_airlines] Re: Kid with a new toy syndrome.

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I admit to having a preference for manual cameras when it comes to
serious work. With my photo's ranging from fast action shots to wide
depth of field work I like to work out optimum settings myself rather
than let the camera decide then give me the option for altering the
proposed settings.

A nice touch with the Hasselblad lenses is the depth of field indicators
move as you alter the aperture setting so you always know what DOF you
are working with. In a way it is necessary as DOF seems to be more
critical in medium format.


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> I hate automatic cameras in all their guises, which is the 
> main reason I won't change my ancient battered Spotmatic.  It 
> has Auto-nothing! The OM1 which was its contemporary was 
> considered an equal, if not better.
> Peter

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