[jhb_airlines] Re: Kid with a new toy syndrome.

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  • Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 12:16:06 +0100

It's not that SWMBO has just arisen just that I forgot I was going to look for 
accumulation of cameras. The stock stands at:

Bencini Comet: Italian imitation 35mm, sold by Boots. My first camera.

Zeis Ikon Nettar: bellows camera. My next purchase. Now has shutter spring prob

Zenit E: purchased whilst trapped in Czechoslovakia. They paid me a daily 
but didn't mention that there was nothing to buy and illegal to take cash out 
of the 
country. The Zenit was all I could see to spend money on. I'm still quite 
Decent lens and built like the proverbial outhouse. When the shutter was 
released, birds 
left the trees in their thousands! If you receive complants that the earth 
doesn't move, 
anymore, buy her a Zenit!

Ricoh XR7: purchased when it was launched. With an increasing collection of 
my usual device, until 2002.

Panasonic NV-DC1000: a expensive surprise present, from SWMBO and son. I'm 
surprised digital photography survived its coming. Pocket sized but awful 
results, if you 
tried to enlarge anything.

Olympus C4000 Zoom: Digital purchased before round world trip, 18 months ago. 
Brilliant, apart from motorsport, where lack of interchangeable lenses, reset 
times etc, 
are a limiting factor. Unmarried son has Cannon equivalent. The same 
limitations have 
him deciding to buy a Nikkon digital SLR. Very pricy. Then I find that doesn't 
lenses. Unmarried status simplifies life. He's decided the cheapest way around 
the lens 
situation is to buy a second hand, non-digital Nikkon, complete with autofocus 
because these can be used on the digital SLR. Why can't I indulge in this 
removing logic! 'Cos I'm married, that's why.

Voigtlander Vitoret: passed over by SWMBO's uncle.

Rollei XF 35: Compact, from same source.

Yashica 635: purchased, on a whim, at local auction. Haven't yet got around to 
for film. Weighs a ton!

Kodak Duaflex II: belongs to daughter. Cheap TLR.

Kodak Hawkeye Mod CC: A box Brownie type. Also belongs to daughter.

I'll put them away, quickly. I feel a distraction coming on.

Gerry Winskill

On 13 Aug 2004 at 23:49, Peter Dodds wrote:

> > cameras I've gone through in the last 40 years.
> I have 5 camera, the latest of which I bought in 1970 (Pentax 
> Spotmatic and several lenses) and still use as my main camera.  
> The sharpness of its photographs is better than any camera I have seen
> the results of in all that time. 
> I have a 1980s Pentax automatic which used to be my mother's 
> which isn't bad, and an early 2.5Mp digital camera (1997) which I
> bought 2nd hand in a pub carpark (from the legit owner).  I also have
> an Ensign bellows camera which was my mother's when she was young - it
> was used to take pictures of me as a baby, apparently (!) and this
> still works perfectly, and an Eastman bellows "Autographic" camera
> which is large format - about 4.5 x 3 inches which I bought in
> Australia in 1968 to make into an enlarger, but it was so beautiful I
> kept it.  I have used it on occasion - in the 70's you could still by
> the film for it, but I made a mask and some inserts so I could use it
> with 120 roll film.
> Photography - where did i find the time to do all that...?
> Peter 

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