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Well spotted - it was quite a sophisticated bellows camera. Shutter
speeds of T, B, 1/25 and 1/50 plus infinitely variable aperture from
f6.3 to f32. As you say the focus is also on a beautifully crafted
slider rail with Vernier adjustment. The lens is also a very decent
105mm job.

These little cameras changed very little in outward appearance for ten
years and so it is very easy to dismiss them as all the same. Not so -
they evolved from crude things to rather esoteric designs. I suppose
that's why I buy them - they can still be got for fairly silly prices in
junk shops (but not antique shops).

The oldest model I have is from 1913 (Kodak Jr, Autographic No.1) and
although almost identical in looks it is much cruder. The case is
actually wood, not metal, it has just three indents for range, has
aperture settings marked 1, 2, 3 and 4 but the same shutter speed
options. On this model the aperture iris is in front of the lens (and
exposed to the elements).

A later No 1 Pocket Kodak (I love the "pocket" bit) is a hybrid between
the two - still with the 1, 2, 3, 4 aperture values and outside iris but
it has variable focus.


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> Very similar, except that the stylus on mine is on the back by 
> the writing window, and although the lens mount on mine slides 
> out on rails, it only has 3 detents for focusing, whereas yours 
> appears to have a screw vernier - very posh!
> I have just got mine out of the drawer where it resides - it is a 
> Kodak Brownie Autographic Model 2A, and takes film size A-116
> Peter

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