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I should have clarified things a bit. The Jepp software only covers the
European area - not the whole globe.

Looking at the databse suggests that "European" is slightly woolly =
because I
think the area covered is from Longitudes 30W to 60E and from Latitudes =
to 90N. That's more or less from Mauritania to Muscat and all points =
Outside that it is just a blank canvas..

I could give you the current real world routes for Heathrow to Athens =
Athens to Kuwait but after that it would be a case of using FSNav or the =
Route Map to plot your courses. FSNav does it quite well but I can't say =
the default FS planner is good or not - I have never used it..


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> Hi John,
> I will take you up on the offer of a world route.Please include Hong =20
> Kong,Singapore,Sydney (Australia),and anywhere in India and=20
> Pakistan,and  America,as=20
> I have actually been to these places in the past,when and=20
> since I was  in the=20
> RAF.
> Cheers Ernie 156

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