[jhb_airlines] Jeppesen FliteStar

  • From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB Email List" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 15:46:25 +0100

If I have been a bit quiet over the last couple of days it is because I =
been given a copy of the Jeppesen FliteStar Corporate software to put
through its paces. It's an intriguing program.

Flitestar is Jepps official flight planning program. Bung in a route, =
the weather and then the software will churn out all your documentation =
the flight - flight plan (ICAO or FAA), weight and balance schedule, =
sheet, nav log, load manifest, frequency report and cost report.

It's very good but not entirely intuitive at first. Putting a route in =
is a
doddle and it gives you several options for this - VFR, GPS, IFR direct, =
airways and high airways. Trying a few of these options shows that it =
this task very well - especially airways routes. It's clever enough to =
which airways to send you down for the level you have selected - it =
give a route where the airway base rises higher than your requested =
level or
send you down a one way airway. A quick plan from Ronaldsway to =
threw up the correct KELLY  L10 WAL CHAS1C instantly so I look forward =
trying it on further afield destinations across Europe.

What is rather nice is the map display. This can be set to Atlas, VFR =
the half mil charts), FMS, low alt and high alt. These last two mimic =
layout of the equivalent Jepp charts so the display can be made to look
familiar to all pilots regardless of the charts they have used in the =

I've just put in a plan from Heathrow to Stuttgart and it came up with =
following route - DET1K DET  W70  KOK  L607  GILOM  J524  DIK  KRH KRH2A =
which looks spot on to me.

I've only got this software for about 25 days so if anyone wants a real
world route for a flight in FS then give me a shout now.. After that =
the software will deactivate..


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