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It's pure chance that airfields crop up again. There isn't a huge
selection of UK airfields so repetition becomes increasingly likely. I
sometimes send pilots to the military airfields to give a break from the
repetition as most military airfields now accommodate civil aircraft -
just a handful remain closed to light aircraft ops. Even Boscombe Down
opened its doors a couple of years ago but I was unable to wangle myself
on that flight <g>..


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> 30/07/04 JHB130 EGGD EGNF 11:50 13:40 1:50 JHB 4593 G-JHBD
> That's the second time you've sent me to Netherthorpe! 
> (23/09/03 JHB3205)
> Nasty to find, and a short field to boot (and very soggy too this 
> summer). Trying to make an overhead join to a short grass field 
> in FS is the devil.  You are forever losing sight of the field, 
> so the approach is unlovely!
> :-)
> Peter

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